Hangedman’s playlist from June 4, 2011, Neurodance 2.06 Summer Skin edition.

Decoded Feedback Monument Combustion 2005
Uberbyte Kill Like Me WTF 2009
Stray Miles from Here Sounds from the Matrix 11 2011
Covenant Call The Ships To Port (Thomas P. Heckmann Remix) Call The Ships To Port 2002
iVardensphere Virus Scatterface 2009
Mind.In.A.Box Light and Dark Lost Alone 2004
Unter Null Your Nightmare (Album Mix) The Failure Epiphany 2005
Soman Divine (XP8 Remix) Re:Up 2008
Phosgore Hardcore Shit Domination 2009
T3rr30r 3rr0r 3d Digital Infection 2011
Memmaker Death Audio Blow Your Brains How to Enlist a Robot Uprising 2008
Alter Der Ruine Batsmasher Giants From Far Away 2008
Suicide Commando F*** You Bitch Bind Torture Kill 2006
DYM Martha Monoxide (Remix by DYM) The Swarm 2011
Combichrist This Shit Will Fuck You Up Everybody Hates You 2005
Alter Der Ruine Relax and Ride it Giants From Far Away 2008
Dismantled Dead on Impact The War Inside Me 2011
Caustic Generate Chaos (feat. Bitch Brigade) The Golden Vagina of Fame and Profit 2011
Komor Kommando Love Your Neighbour Sounds from the Matrix 07 2008
Modulate Skullfuck Detonation 2008
SAM World of Shit (Soman remix) Kinetik Festival Vol. 3 2010
Skinny Puppy Daddyuwarbash Greater Wrong of the Right 2004
Aliceffekt Laeis 7th Passage E.th Kinetik Festival Vol. 3 2010