With Kinetik being a massive success, Saucy and I are back in action for show 116.  Loads of new music and lots of sordid tales from Montreal.  NOTE: We had an actual legitimate server hiccup last night.  As a result we’ve only got 2 of the 3 hour broadcast recorded here.  If you want to hear the last hour check it out for a limited time on EVE Radio’s rewind service! Still two hours is better than nothing and I’m just thankful my side of the stream held solid.  I’M BACK BABY!!!  Playlist as follows:

Stray Fade Into You Abuse By Proxy 2008
Displacer Lying in Wait (S:Cage Mix) Saturation Bombing 2003
Front 242 Triple X Girlfriend Kinetik Festival Vol. 4 2010
Covenant Call The Ships To Port (Thomas P. Heckmann Remix) Call The Ships To Port 2002
KANT KINO feat. AYRIA nothing’s impossible Alfa Matrix re:covered – Depeche Mode tribute vol.2 2011
Komor Kommando Love Your Neighbour Sounds from the Matrix – 07 2008
Caustic Generate Chaos (feat. Bitch Brigade) The Golden Vagina of Fame and Profit 2011
Modulate Hard And Dirty Detonation 2008
Dismantled Dead On Impact The War Inside Me 2011
Suicide Commando Bind Torture Kill Bind Torture Kill 2006
Phosgore Hardcore S**t Domination 2009
Sinsect Crazy F**k Bug Life 2011
VNV Nation Circling Overland (Front 242 Cover) State of Silicon (Remix and Recovered) 2001
Psy’Aviah & Ayria Into the Game (feat. Ayria) [SIGNAL AOUT 42 mix] Sounds from the Matrix – 011 2011
System Syn The Inconvenient (Imperative Reaction Remix) Here’s To You 2010
Architect lcl.Feeling (Mass Motion Industrial for the Masses Vol. 2 2004
Alter der Ruine State of Ruin (Phantom West Remix) State of Ruin 2006
Heimataerde Gib Mir Gotteskrieger 2005
The Sisters of Mercy This Corrosion Floodland 1987
Eisbrecher Alkohol Suende (Deluxe Edition) 2008
Combichrist Lying Sack Of Shit Everybody Hates You 2005
SAM Warning Brainwasher 2010
X-Rx Feel The Fucking Bass Unmoeglich Erregend 2007
ESA Say No to Emo Devotion, Discipline, and Denial 2006
Binary Park Fight Son Worlds Collide 2011
Decoded Feedback Supernova Combustion 2005
Aiboforcen Poem of Life (Version 2) Sounds from the Matrix – 011 2011