Here are my playlists for my two lounge sets at Kinetik 4, phase II, Friday May 20th, 2011.

SET 1:

Daft Punk VS Basic Slack End of Line (Basic Slack Remix) Tron Legacy Aftermath 2010 For Edwin
Tonikom Alibi Ocular Pitch 2006 For Plastik Wrap
lcl.Feeling (Mass Motion) Architect Industrial for the Masses Vol. 2 2004 Saucy Miso’s Mix
State of Ruin (Phantom West Remix) Alter De Ruine State of Ruin 2006 Saucy Miso’s Mix
Regenerator End of File Disease 2005 Shout out to Patrice
Caustic 666 on the Crucifix (666 On my Deadline Mix by Torrent Vaccine) 666 on the Crucifix 2011 Because both Caustic and Torrent Vaccine are awesome
Skanda Soma Reconnected 2.0 2006 To the Toronto Expeditionary Force
DYM The Invilid (Remix by Amduscia) The Swarm 2011 Shout out to the local boys En and Arc
Feindflug Kahle Bedrohung (Invader Moz Mix) EVE Radio promo NA Shout out to DJ Moz

Set 2:

Captive Six Shut Down Everything (C/A/T remix) Shut Down Everything 2010 a natural mix off what Dervish was spinning, and because Acerbius loves it so
Fractured Straight Jacket Fashion Beneath The Ashes 2011 shout out to the local boys Nick and Arc
The Prodigy Omen Nosia Remix Omen 2009 For EVE Radio chat regulars (you know who you are)
The Horrorist Body to Body Attack Decay 2007 For the ones who couldn’t make it
Stray Intoxicate Abuse by Proxy 2009
For Lloyd
Rotersand War on Error (iVardensphere Remix Waiting to beĀ  Born 2010 For Flux
Skanda Soma Reconnected 2.0 2006 Something hard n fast for my roomies and fellow Toronto DJs
Contanimant Bunker Toys (Anschlag Version) Elektroanschlag 4 2008 For IRC regulars (you know who you are)
Uberbyte Aeon DOS 2009 To the Neuro army!