Regular fans of DXM will be aware that the last couple of shows have been big heaping servings of fail.  As a result shows 114 & 115 both had to be aborted much to my chagrin and embarrassment.  In the three years of broadcasting with EVE radio, I have never experienced so much stream drop or other frustrating internet ridonkulousness.   Earlier this year, after what now can be considered minor drops I launched a full scale investigation from my broadcast rig to my ISP and determined that everything was fine.   Those problems were compounded by actual problems across the pond.  Then for a a few glorious weeks, everything went smoothly.

As of May 4th stream dropping became extreme,  followed by May 11th another round of frequent intermintent drops.  This came after an hour of successful testing on May 10th where everything ran smoothly again.   See that ragetoon to the left?  That’s me right the fuck now.

To make matters worse, the nature of the problem when it comes to broadcasting from Toronto to the UK to the world is the issue could be anywhere and as a result is very hard to pin-point or fix.  It could be my software, database, computer, home ISP, a funky cable in Rotterdam, a rat chewing on a wire in Atalanta, a shark biting the transatlantic pipe and so-on-so-on.  With the help of some trusted tech weenie types, and the staff at the Gaming Radio Network we monitored and found that last night from Toronto to Washington DC I was hitting what they are telling me in tech-speak is a “cloud”, kinda like when a plane flies into a turbulent cloud and has all it’s instruments go whack, that’s my stream connection.  From there to Atlanta there were visible internet problems.

For the next two weeks I’ll be off the air as I embark to Montreal for the Kinetik Music Festival.  There I will represent EVE radio, spin a few choice face melting tunes and pray to the machine Gods that by the time I return, the Internet nano-bots will have fixed the problem.  If the problems persist, I will have to take even more extreme (albeit expensive) measures that I won’t bore you with here right now.   But please folks, hang tight and stay with me as we weather this.