Razorgrrl and Saucy Miso join me for an in-depth look at bands playing the Kinetik Festival phase 2 & 3, May 20th and 21st, 2011.

The Klinik Black Leather EBM Club Classics 3 1998
The Klinik Moving Hands EBM Club Classics 3 1998
Agonoize Running (Clubversion) Awake The Machines Vol.5 2005
Agonoize NEW WORLD DISORDER Sieben 2007
S.K.E.T. Wrong Way Ticket To Baghdad Kinetik Festival Vol. 4 2011
S.K.E.T. No Limits For Heroes Aktivist 2004
Phosgore Hardcore Shit Domination 2009
Phosgore Club Domination Domination 2009
God Module Winter torture Viscera 2005
God Module The Source (Atm Edit) Awake The Machines Vol.5 (Bonus CD) 2005
Modulate Skullfuck Detonation 2008
Modulate Hard & Dirty Detonation 2008
Esa Satan Is Real Devotion, Discipline, and Denial 2006
Front242 Headhunter (v1.0) Electronic Body Music Box 1990
Front 242 Triple X Girlfriend Kinetik Festival Vol. 4 2010
Portishead & Kraftwerk Background – 1187 Electric Dimension 1996
Terrorfakt Bells Of War <REconstructed by DJ MOZ> ReConstruction the Remixes 2004
xotox xotox – roboterkrieg (remix by sitd) [psi] bonus-cd 2005
[X]-Rx Industrial Rave Revolution Kinetik Festival Vol. 4 2010
[x]-Rx Electric man Update 3.0 2010
VNV Nation Structure Futureperfect 2002
VNV Nation Chrome (Soman RX Longer) Advanced Electronics Vol.4 2005
Monolith Talisman Talisman 2006
Monolith I Became You Kinetik Festival Vol. 4 2011
W.A.S.T.E. Murder This Man V/A. A Mere Invention Of The Idle Mind 2006
W.A.S.T.E. Deadface Kinetik Festival Vol. 4 2010
T3rr0r 3rr0r Seeds of the Evil Digital Infection 2011
compUterus Exhaust Head Exhaust Head 2005