Show 111, aired live on, April 6th 0000-0300 GMT, features a live mix recording of Hangedman’s set at Neurodance 2.4 as well as a very small but very cool live set by Saucy Miso. Also new tracks by Binary Park, Vigilante and a number of listener requests.

Mindless Faith VS Daft Punk TRON Legacy Mindless Faith mix remix The Game Has Changed 2011
Caustic 666 on the Crucifix (666 On My Deadline Mix by Torrent Vaccine) 666 on the Crucifix 2011
Skanda Soma Re:connected 2.0 2006
Download Glassblower The Eyes of Stanley Pain 1996
DYM The Invilid (Remix by Amduscia) The Swarm 2011
Feindflug Kahle Bedrohung (Invader Moz Mix) 2000
Retractor Where You Belong (Radio Edit) The False Enemy 2008
Basic Slack Rinzler (Basic Slack Remix) Tron Legacy Aftermath 2011
Skylight Glare Neurodance Cyber City 2010
Implant You Push Me (feat. Unter Null) Endzeit Bunkertracks Act 2 2006
Phosgore Red Red Krovvy (X-RX Remix) Domination 2009
Agonize New World Disorder Sieben 2007
Rotersand Speak To Me (Epic) War on Error EP 2010
Mind.In.A.Box Amnesia Crossroads 2007
Binary Park Wiretapped Worlds Collide 2011
Cervello Elettronico Chaos In Control Negate the Instigator 2007
Covenant Dynamo Clock Modern Ruin 2011
Architect id Feeling (Mass Motion) Industrial For The Masses 2004
Alter Der Ruine State Of Ruin (Phantom West Mix) State Of Ruin 2007
Heimataerde Gib Mir Gotteskrieger 2005
Assemblage 23 Binary (Club Mix) Binary 2007
Mesh Everything I Made Dependence Vol. 3 – 2010 2010
DeVision Someone To Draw The Sword Blue Moon 1995
Ladytron Destroy Everything You Touch Witching Hour 2005
Crystal Castles Crimewave (Crystal Castles VS HEALTH) Crystal Castles 2008
Daft Punk Derezzed (The Glitch Mob Remix) TRON Legacy Reconfigured 2011
Mind.In.A.Box I Love 64 R.E.T.R.O. 2010
The Left Rights WHITE (“Starfucks” Remix by Combichrist) Bad Choices Made Easy (Deluxe) 2011
Suicide Commando Bind Torture and Kill Bind Torture and Kill 2006
Vigilante The New Revolution (Feat. Rexx Arcana) The New Resistance 2011
Dances With White Girls Jiggle Dat Web Promo 2011
Binary Park Worlds Collide Worlds Collide 2011
Polluted Axis Polluted Axis and Mangadrive caught Deadmau5 and Daft Punk naked kissing The Dubsuck Chronicles Vol. 3 2010
Frozen Plasma Open Momentum 2010