The old site was awesome!  Edwin Somnambulist of did a banger job of taking my concepts and turning them into a functional design, but alas, the deej needs a platform that is quick-n-dirteh, in-and-out!  Enter WordPress…. and here we are boldly moving forward to bring you the news, the shows, and most importantly turning the download into an easy breezy podcast.

And, who is the madman who has helped with this amazing transformation?  Joe, for one, many of you know him as ZeroOp has been amazing and actually is the bossman on the hosting front over at  (I highly reccomend them.)  Also all-around-cool-guy and kick-ass photo artist Adrian Onsen of Mechanical Nation is the theme wizard for this one.

Go forth followers and RSS this fucker!

Oh PS!  If you want one of the past shows, feel free to email me at  On this site we will be starting from playlist 108 and onwards.  Mostly because I’m lazy!